Preparing For Your Vacation

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Do you have a vacation right around the corner? It’s easy to get so excited about an upcoming trip that you forget common sense steps for your departure. Before you get into vacation mode, follow these five steps:

1. Suspend status updates. Sharing your whereabouts via social media will not only make the Johnsons jealous, but could give delinquents some malicious ideas. For the safety of your whole family, remind your children that vacation status updates aren’t exactly “Facebook appropriate.”

2. Employ neighbors. Find a close neighbor that you can ask to keep an eye on the house. Or reach out to a good friend to house sit while you’re gone. Paying a house sitter is easier than dealing with the insurance company after a robbery.

3. Stop deliveries. If your mailbox is stuffed and newspapers are stacking up on the driveway, you might as well put a sign in the yard that says “No one is home.” It’s easier to freeze mail delivery or have a neighbor retrieve your mail while you’re gone.

4. Lock ’em up. Invest in a safe for all heirlooms and valuables. Your insurance company can never replace something with sentimental value. Also, make sure firearms and weapons are locked in a safe at all times, especially when you are on vacation.

5. Turn it off. Make sure anything that has to do with water or electricity is unhooked, unplugged or turned off. An unplanned fire or flood is not what you want to return home to after a relaxing vacation.

Place this checklist in all your suitcases or travel bags so you have it on hand as soon as the packing begins. We wish you safe travels. If our firm can be of any assistance in protecting you, your loved ones or your property, please don’t hesitate to call us.