Prevent Drownings

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Just in the last month, four children have drowned in Central Florida pools. It seems like every year about this time, tragedy strikes another family in the form of a pool drowning. In Florida, drownings are the number one cause of death for children between the ages off one and four. Ninety six children under 14 years of age drowned in 2007 alone in Florida. Child drownings are a big problem in Florida. Yet, most drownings are preventable.

Anytime children are in or around homes with pools, hotel pools, or public pools, supervision is a must. Parental supervision for toddlers who can’t swim has to be job one. And if you think you and other parents may be distracted, it’s a good idea to hire sitters or life guards to help.

Sometimes, drownings are preventable and are due to the negligence of others entrusted with the safety oof children. If that happens, an experienced injury or death attorney like the attorneys at CGWC can help. Call for a free consultation.