Record Traffic Deaths in 2005

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

According to the Orlando Sentinel there were approximately 200 traffic accident related fatalities in Orange County in 2005. This death rate broke all previous records in Orange County, Florida. In fact, almost 3,500 people died on Florida highways in 2005, setting a new state record for auto accident related deaths in Florida. In all of Central Florida, about 750 people died in auto accidents in Florida.
Few areas of the state escaped this trend, according to the Sentinel. Lake County had approximately 75 highway fatalities, and Polk County had about 150 highway deaths by the end of 2005.
Why? For one thing, more people are dying on Florida roads because more people are driving. Central Florida’s booming economy leads to population growth and crowded, and sometimes dangerous, streets, roads and highways. So drive defensively and drive safely.