Should Florida Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving?

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Senator Carey Baker has proposed a bill banning cell phone use while driving for drivers under 18 years of age. Seventeen other states have similar bans, so there is a chance he will get what he wants. Getting teenage drivers to stop talking on their cellphones while driving makes good sense. Studies indicate that inexperienced drivers are the most easily distracted. While the bill doesn’t specifically ban text messaging, keeping cell phones out of young drivers’ hands will take away the means of text messaging while driving, which is more dangerous than simply talking while driving.

The bill should not stop there. The bill should be expanded to ban cell phone use by all drivers. At a bare minimum, it should be illegal for anyone of any age to text while driving. Banning cell phone use while driving is certainly a nationwide trend. Other states, like New York, have already banned cell phone use while driving for all drivers of any age. Why not Florida?