Stop Government Fraud And Wall Street Cheaters!

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Do you work in the health care or defense industry?  Have you seen fraud that you believe is costing the government money?  Medicare fraud?  Medicaid fraud?  Do you work in the financial industry?  Have you seen fraud and wrongdoing that is harming the market and unwitting investors?  Do something about it!  Report fraud!  You could stand to gain a financial reward, as well as gaining the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Reporting fraud is becoming more popular and is helping the U.S. budget and taxpayers in a big way.  Some whistleblowers recover tens of millions of dollars, even a billion or more, for U.S. and state governments by exposing fraud and financial abuse.  Individual whistleblowers can earn from 10 to 30 percent of the amount recovered by the government, but to assure your reward, you should be represented by an experienced whistleblower attorney.  One wrong step can cause a whistleblower to forfeit their reward, no matter how well meaning or beneficial they were to the government and taxpayers.  Don’t take a chance.   Questions about your legal rights as a whistleblower?  Visit our website, or call us for a free confidential consultation about your rights if you have information about government or Wall Street fraud.