The Keys To The Courthouse

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

In modern day America, anyone who hires corporate lawyers for their small business, real estate or transactional lawyer for real estate or other transactions, or estate planning lawyers to handle end of life legal affairs knows how expensive hourly attorneys’ fees can be. Civil litigation is often lengthy and uncertain for both sides. As a result, accurately predicting the attorneys’ fees that will be necessary to conclude a case is virtually impossible. In addition, other expenses, including court costs, witness fees, fees for experts or other witnesses with specialized knowledge whose testimony is necessary to prove or defend a civil case can be staggering.


Only the wealthiest of Americans can afford the hourly fees and additional costs of litigating complicated and uncertain civil disputes. When someone is injured or, worse, a family breadwinner killed in a serious accident, a family’s financial resources are strained further, leaving them without access to the civil justice system for all practical purposes. For this reason, the contingency fee arrangement for paying trial attorneys became a time honored tradition long ago, providing the common man the keys to the courthouse and access to an even playing field in the civil justice system. In addition to providing access to the courts to the average American, including middle class, working class and the poor, retaining an attorney on a contingent fee basis also provides a powerful motivation to the attorney to work diligently and achieve a satisfactory result for his or her client.

In contingency fee cases, the attorney never gets paid, unless the client wins in court or the attorney is able to achieve a reasonable settlement. Can you imagine a doctor or any other professional agreeing to be paid only if they get a satisfactory result? At CGWC, we only handle cases on a contingency fee basis. We do not get paid any amount for attorneys’ fees unless we win your case in court or are successful in extracting a reasonable settlement of your civil dispute. In addition, in most cases, we advance the expenses and costs of litigation on your behalf and risk losing that “investment” unless we are successful in getting you the justice you deserve. Contrary to popular belief, we have no incentive to take on “frivolous” cases, advancing thousands and thousands of dollars that we would lose if a judge or jury decided your case was undeserving. The contingency fee attorney is indeed the average man’s keys to the courthouse and the open door to justice. Without this time honored practice, most Americans would be at mercy of the rich and powerful and big business.