Thousands Of Homeowners Have Bad Chinese Drywall

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Thousands of homeowners in Florida had homes built during the housing boom between 2004 and 2008. Many didn’t know that defective drywall made in China was being installed in their new homes. Later, they noticed sour smells, copper water heater pipes turning black, and even medical problems, like sinus problems, muscle pain and dizziness.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson‘s office estimates that bad Chinese drywall may have been used in as many as 100,000 homes. The Florida Department of Health performed labaratory analyses of some of the drywall and found it contained strontium sulfide which is not found in most drywall made in America. The Environmental Protection Agency is still testing the drywall samples, but many believe the strontium sulfide releases sulfurous gases that could be behind all the problems these unfortunate homeowners are facing.

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