Top Five Mistakes People Make After An Auto Accident

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  1. Failing to report the accident to law enforcement: Without an official record of the accident, it is virtually impossible to prove it even occurred, or when and where it occurred.
  2. Failing to exchange insurance information with the other driver: You may not get another chance; the other driver may leave the state or refuse to provide information later.
  3. Failing to report the accident to your own insurance company: Failure to report the accident to your own insurance company can be a violation of your obligations under your insurance policy, entitling your insurance company to revoke your coverage.
  4. Failing to take photographs: Photos of the vehicles and the scene can be critical evidence your attorney may need later. Even poor quality cellular phone photos are better than nothing.
  5. Failing to get timely medical care: Waiting for weeks or months before seeking medical care can be fatal to any injury claim or claim for medical expenses. Insurance companies, and juries, are extremely suspicious of large time gaps between an accident and the date of the first medical treatment.