Tornadoes Damage 1,500 Central Florida Homes

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The fierce Groundhog Day Tornado Storm that so quickly struck parts of Central Florida, particularly in Lake, Sumter and Volusian Counties, damaged or destroyed approximately 1,500 homes. The Villages, Lady Lake, and Deland, among other Central Florida towns sustained major damage to property, as well as, tragically, loss of life.

While the total damage estimate has not yet been tallied, damage estimates from Volusion County are $ 80 million with approximately 500 damaged properties. Lake County officials estimate about $ 10 million in property damage to about 100 homes. These damage estimates are preliminary and probably cover only about half the property damage done by this unforgettable and unforgivable Groundhog Day Tornado storm.

Sadly, many lost their lives. Officials in communities with fabricated homes and trailer parks should reconsider utilizing emergency tornado alarm warning systems for those vulnerable areas. Property wouldn’t be saved, but lives might be.

Despite history making record profits, it is unfortunately predictable that homeowners insurance companies providing coverage for the damaged homes will not live up to their contract obligations to pay victims of these storms. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter handle all types of insurance disputes, including storm damage disputes with homeowners insurance carriers. Often, if disputes lead to litigation, the homeowner is entitled to have the insurance company pay his/her attorneys’ fees.

Insurance contracts are among the most complex of legal agreements in American society, and experienced legal counsel is necessary to assure homeowners reap the benefits of the insurance coverage they paid for when Mother Nature strikes. Remember, the insurance companies look at the big picture, that they are looking at over $ 100 million in property damage losses they are obligated to pay!! So, they set out, in the beginning, to save their company and shareholders money when they begin receiving claims. These insurance companies employe fulltime professionals, and homeowners need to know that experienced and skilled insurance dispute attorneys are their best source of professional help.