Tort Reform Doesnt Curb Health Care Costs

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In the Orlando Sentinel today, Scott Maxwell wrote that tort reform won’t cut health care costs. He’s right. In fact, for many, many years, legislatures all over the country have enacted tort reform measures on many types of cases, most notably, medical malpractice cases. There is no data proving any reduction in the cost of health care as a result of this legislation. The only effect of the law have been to restrict your rights in court against powerful industries like insurance and health care. As Scott Maxwell noted, the courtroom in America is one of the last remaining places where David can take on Goliath. Where a single man wronged by powerful special interests can seek justice from a jury of his peers. Where a woman who has lost a child can bypass bureaucrats and turn to her fellow Americans for help directly from citizens like herself. The Founding Fathers thought that access to the courts and reparation for injuries was so important that they placed it in the Bill of Rights. Now, powerful and well funded special interests are trying to take away your right to jury trial and your access to the courts. And they’ve partially succeeded and every legislative session they get closer to eliminating the civil justice system as a practical option for the average citizen. As Scott Maxwell points out in his well reasoned article, tort reform not only flies in the face of the Founding Fathers’ intent, but it amounts to citizens slapping handcuffs on themselves.

Call your legislator and make sure they think before they vote. The rhetoric isn’t reality. And the only people who benefit from tort reform are the ones responsible for injuries to others or even death. If you or a loved on has been injured by someone else, call The Florida Firm for a free consultation.