Unscrupulous Accident Attorney?

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If you’re involved in an accident, you should have an attorney. But you should have an attorney of your choice, and you should know that some unscrupulous attorneys break the law and the Florida Bar’s rules of ethics in trying to get you to hire them.

For one thing, an attorney is prohibited from contacting you unless you request it. If you get a call from an attorney after an accident, particularly if you don’t know that attorney and when you haven’t asked for the call, he is breaking the law and Florida’s ethics rules. If doctors take “kickbacks” from attorneys for referring you to a particular attorney, that is also against the law. Sometimes, some of these violations are even criminal acts.

Find an attorney the right way. Do your own research, and don’t rely solely on advertisements or the word of a doctor you’ve just met. Don’t get mixed up with an unethical attorney. You’ll regret it.

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