Verdict of $ 410,687 For Accident Victim

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

After a jury trial CGWC attorneys Melvin B. Wright and Ronald S. Gilbert recently obtained a verdict of $ 410,687 from a jury in Osceola County for a 61 year old client. The former drywall repairman had no symptoms from the arthritis in his neck and low back before being rearended by a dump truck on U.S. Highway 192 in Kissimmee. The insurance company for the dumptruck owner and operator had only offered $ 60,000. And that was not offered until the trial started.

CGWC is proud of the result, but mostly, we are happy this client was fortunate enough to be compensated for his injuries. So many times, jurors are swayed more by the millions of dollars spent over the last two decades by the insurance and health care industries to invoke negative images of attorneys and disparage injury claimants and their lawyers with the specific purpose of poisoning potential jurors against injured victims. Too often, before hearing any evidence at all, jurors think there’s “something fishy” just because a person is making a claim for being injured. This is because the public has been conditioned, or poisoned, by many years of an organized multi-million dollar public relations campaign to discredit injury victims and their attorneys.

Thankfully, this jury of Osceola County citizens did their sworn duty and heard the evidence with open and unbiased minds. As a result, they did justice.