Watch This Short Film, And Never Text And Drive Again

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Renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog recently directed a 35 minute short film of moving testimonials from people whose lives have been turned upside down by car crashes caused by texting and driving. This film may be the most effective public service announcement of all time. Despite the tragic nature of the subject matter, the film was viewed more than one million times within a week of being posted online.

Florida recently passed a rather toothless law against texting while driving. This new, nearly unenforceable law does not have a fraction of the deterrent power of sitting down to watch this half-hour film. Beautifully filmed, the short film “From One Second to the Next” carries a powerful message directly from people and families who have suffered the consequences of distracted driving. Take the time to watch this film, and show it to any of your loved ones who continue to text while driving. Werner Herzog made this film in collaboration with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, and the film will be shown in schools across the country, hopefully stopping a generation of young drivers from ever getting into this dangerous habit. You can download or watch the film at .