What Is The 6th Leading Cause of Death In U.S.?

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According to the 1999 report, To Err Is Human, by the Institute for Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, preventable medical errors are the sixth leading cause of death in America, killing 98,000 people a year. There is no indication that things have improved over the last decade and anecdotal evidence suggests things have worsened.

Be vigilant and proactive about your own medical care at a doctor’s office or hospital. Don’t assume that all the doctors are communicating properly with one another, that the staff is communicating adequately to the doctor, or that doctors and nurses don’t make mistakes. They do. And don’t be afraid to ask quesions. Don’t be intimidated; be informed about what the doctors and nurses are doing and why. Make sure you understand what is going on, that you’re being given the right care and correct medications. If you’re a victim of medical malpractice or nursing negligence, the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at The Florida Firm will provide a free consultation about your legal rights.