What Jurors Are Never Told

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You may or may not know this, but jurors are never told everything about a case they are sworn to hear and decide. Routinely in civil cases, such as personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, jurors are deprived by law of some important information. For example, jurors are never allowed to know if a person or company that is being sued has liability insurance to pay the claim. Most often, liability insurance does exist and covers the defendant for the claims. Jurors are never told how much insurance coverage the defendant has. They can have literally millions of dollars of insurance coverage, and the jury is prohibited from knowing it. Jurors never know what negotiations have taken place before the actual trial. An insurance company may have offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle a case, and yet march their attorneys into the courtroom with instructions to deny all responsibility and ask the jury to send the injured person home with no money at all. In car accident cases, jurors are never told who received the traffic citation for an accident, and they are never told if someone fought a ticket in traffic court and won or lost. Jurors are often never told about the accident record of the person or company being sued, their history of lawsuits or claims, or their general character, such as criminal charges brought against them in the past.

Winning a lawsuit requires a lot of hard work, skill and finesse, to overcome laws like these that prevent attorneys from telling the jury the whole story. For  a free consultation about your case, call The Florida Firm.