What You Need to Know About Florida Lemon Law for Motorcycles

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Orlando auto body repairman looks over motorcycle for lemon law claim. When you purchase a new or used motorcycle, you do so in good faith that the bike runs as it’s designed to and is up to date with all warranties for its parts. Florida’s landscape and ocean views make our Sunshine State a hotspot for motorcycle enthusiasts, residents and tourists alike. Consumers who’ve recently bought a motorcycle may find that the bike has significant flaws and requires costly repairs soon after, but does Florida Lemon Law apply to motorcycles? In short, no, but you may have other options to pursue reimbursement for your warranty-related expenses.

What is Florida Lemon Law?

Lemon Law in Florida, or the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, was created to protect consumers when their vehicle doesn’t live up to its warranty within 18 months or 24,000 miles of ownership. If the car has been out of service for 30 days or longer, or there have been at least three failed attempts to repair the issue, Florida Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to replace your “lemon,” or buy it back from you with the addition of repair expenses.

Unfortunately, Florida Lemon Law only applies to cars, trucks, and SUVs that are mainly used for household, family, or personal reasons. That means that motorcycles, mopeds, large trucks (over 10K pounds), off-road vehicles, and other recreational vehicles are excluded, so consumers can’t file a lemon law claim for warranty problems. However, there are different ways motorcyclists can protect themselves and their bike if it needs substantial, recurring repairs, including:

Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Some states have base requirements for motorcycle insurance. In Florida, riders don’t need personal injury protection (PIP)—though this is highly recommended—you do need to carry a policy that covers bodily injury liability at $10,000 for one person and $20,000 for two or more persons. You’ll also need insurance that supplies $10,000 in property damage liability for each crash. Our Orlando motorcycle accident attorneys recommend you also look into uninsured motorist coverage to cover your bases with a motorcycle insurance company licensed in Florida. Many riders don’t realize these motorcycle insurance requirements in Florida.

Purchase Extended Warranties When Applicable

Because motorcycle riders don’t have the option of creating a lemon law claim, it’s essential to opt for extended warranties for bike parts to avoid a substantial financial hardship if one or more components of the motorcycle break or malfunction. If you do encounter a problem that impacts the safety and usage of the motorcycle, contact the manufacturer to find out your options to avoid the burden of costly repairs.

Know What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable people on our Orlando streets and roadways. A minor accident can still lead to severe neck, back, or brain injury. These accidents can happen due to distracted driving, driving under the influence, or because of a defective vehicle or motorcycle part. Make sure you seek medical attention immediately, file a police report, and contact one of our attorneys before agreeing to a settlement. We can make sure you’re compensated for all of your medical bills and property damage.

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