Who Is Your Lawyer?

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

Did you know that some attorneys who hold themselves out as experts in handling injury and death cases don’t really do legal work on injury cases and, instead, “refer” the cases to other attorneys who do?

Did you know that some attorneys hold themselves out as being an independent law firm when, in fact, they are employed or owned by other law firms they don’t bother to tell you about?

Did you know that when you hire some attorneys, they won’t do the work on your case at all and will hand it off to another attorney you may have never even met?

Did you know that some attorneys make promises they can’t keep? Like leading you to believe there is a certain minimum amount that will be paid on your type of case?

Did you know that some attorneys claim to have experience that they really don’t have?

Most attorneys in the 21st century have specialized practices. Some specialize in criminal defense. Some specialize in business litigation. Some specialize in real estate. Some specialize in drafting contracts for clients. And no attorney can promise you a result. In fact, it is a violation of Florida Bar rules of ethics to make such promises. And if you want to know about your attorney’s experience, you don’t have to rely on a television advertisement or brochure. You can research your attorney on your own or ask your attorney for written information about experience and qualifications that you can verify.

CGWC is a personal injury and wrongful death law firm. We always have been. Our attorney biographies are right on our website. And we don’t make promises that we can’t keep or that violate Florida Bar rules. When you hire us, we do the work. When you hire us, you get what you see.

Be an informed client. Know who your lawyer is. You have the right and the responsibility to yourself to know who you are hiring. Don’t sell yourself short.