Workout Booster Could Lead to Heart Attacks

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The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in America.  Everyone wants Hollywood looks and hardbodies. U.S. citizens are willing to do and pay almost anything in attempts to achieve often unrealistic body image goals.  Too often, exercise enthusiasts take supplements that are untested, unproven, but very aggressively marketed as miracle potions that will deliver the results so many desire.  Unfortunately, the only thing most supplements deliver are empty promises.  Worse yet, some deliver health concerns that are not discovered until millions have already unwittingly volunteered to be guinea pigs as consumers of these mostly unregulated and untested products.  These are not pharmaceuticals and are not subjected to the same rigors and regulations as pharmaceuticals, yet they can be just as dangerous in the wrong hands.

One workout booster, Jack3d, contains a stimulant that promises increased speed, strength and endurance.  But last April, federal regulators issued a warning that this stimulant, dimethylamylamine or DMAA, often raises the heart rate and blood pressure, and could lead to heart attacks.  Jack3d is not a registered pharmaceutical and is instead a supplement marketed along with many others in the $ 30 billion dollar dietary supplement industry.  But the truth is that DMAA is a pharmaceutical grade component of Jack3d that was originally developed by Eli Lilly to treat nasal congestion.  The use of such ingredients muddies the waters of what is and isn’t a pharmaceutical or a natural supplement.  The dietary supplement and natural supplement industry is largely under-regulated.  The introduction of pharmaceutical grade ingredients without adequate regulatory oversight can leave the consuming public in danger.  One lawsuit has been filed against the sellers of Jack3d when a soldier died of a heart attack after using the workout booster.

If you or a loved one is taking a supplement like Jack3d, stop.  Supplements are mostly untested and could be dangerous, even fatal.  If you or a loved one had a heart attack after consuming a workout booster, including Jack3d, call us for a free legal consultation about your legal rights.  You don’t need a supplement to achieve your personal best.  You just need to exercise and eat right.