Class Action Lawsuits

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Class action lawsuits are designed to help a large number of people receive compensation for losses they have all suffered as the result of common a circumstance. Many times, large corporations are responsible for the losses of many different people.  

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What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Class actions are formed when a common circumstance affects numerous different individuals. Class actions have been filed in response to:

Class action lawsuits allow numerous victims to obtain the quality legal representation they need in order to recover compensation from large corporations. Class actions are appropriate when everybody in the class has suffered the same wrong and a similar injury. In some cases, the injury to any one individual is small such that it would not make financial sense for the individual to bring a lawsuit. Without class action lawsuits, the cost of filing an individual claim would prevent the people who have been harmed from recovering anything and would allow large corporations to escape any liability.

Representing Clients in Class Actions

When large corporations are sued, they can hire the most expensive lawyers to represent them and prevent them from being held liable for the losses they caused. With a class action, the little people can band together to fight on an equal footing and, if monetary compensation is recovered, it goes to a common fund. After the class action has been settled, the parties involved each receive their share of the settlement from the common fund.

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