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Contract Disputes

Whenever two or more parties enter into a contract together, they are legally obligated to adhere to the intentions of the contract. If one of the contractual parties fails to carry out their obligations – or if a separate party wrongfully interferes with the contract and causes another person to break it – the other people involved in the contract can suffer significant material losses.

The Florida commercial litigation lawyers at Colling Gilbert Wright have the resources and experience you need to fight a breach or interference of contract and pursue the fair compensation you deserve. Call (407) 712-7300 for a free case review.

Breach of Contract

All contract law cases will differ depending on the specific terms of the contract, but most breach of contract claims arise from situations where:

  • One party fails to perform their obligated duties within the contractual time period
  • One party fails to perform their duties to the level it promised
  • One party makes it impossible for another party to perform their duties
  • One party does not perform any of their contractual duties at all

Breach of contract claims are usually categorized as material or immaterial depending on the type of damages that the wrongful party has caused. A material breach – also known as a “total breach” – occurs when the neglected duty is so important that the contract’s main purpose cannot be fulfilled. An immaterial breach (or “partial breach”) happens when most of the duties necessitated in the contract have been performed, even if others have been neglected.

You can seek damages for an immaterial/partial breach, but you cannot terminate a contract because of it.

Tortious Interference with a Contract

If another person or company interferes with a contract between other parties – causing one of the parties to breach the contract – this is known as a tortious interference. In these cases, the party who interfered with the contract should be held liable for any financial losses that occur as a result.

An example of a tortuous interference would be if an outside individual or company persuaded your business partner to end your partnership without compensation, in favor of doing business elsewhere. This is a violation of contract law, and our experienced Orlando commercial litigation lawyers can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you have further questions about contract law, please contact Colling Gilbert Wright online or call (407) 712-7300 today to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent commercial litigation clients throughout the Orlando, Florida area.

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