Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys

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Owners of residential and commercial property often maintain fire insurance to protect themselves in the event of a brush fire or other blaze that results in damage to your home or business. Unfortunately, some insurance providers attempt to delay, devalue or deny legitimate insurance claims in the interest of protecting their own profits.

If you own a home or commercial property and you’re involved in a dispute with your insurance company over what you believe is a valid fire insurance claim, please call the Orlando attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter at (855) 880-4741 for your free consultation. Our accomplished lawyers have extensive experience helping policyholders seek the financial benefits they need when their insurance providers act in bad faith.

Fire Claims and Insurance Bad Faith

Fires can cause extensive, costly damage and displace families or businesses. Property owners who maintain fire coverage have a right to expect that valid claims are honored in a timely fashion.

If your insurance provider fails to notify you in writing why your claim was denied, undervalues your valid claim, unreasonably delays your claim, or misrepresents the language of your policy to devalue or deny a legitimate claim, it may be acting in bad faith. Although not every insurance claim denial is an act of bad faith, some unscrupulous insurance providers put their own interests before those of their policyholders.

Working with an Insurance Claims Attorney

The knowledgeable insurance claims attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter offer free case assessments to help you determine the validity of your claim and to discuss your legal options. We understand the financial and emotional challenges property owners face in the aftermath of a fire, and our lawyers are here to help you through this difficult experience.

Recovering from a fire can be a long, stressful process that involves detailed investigation by your insurance company and the assessment of your property by qualified fire damage contractors. Unethical insurance providers may even try to find ways to blame you for the extent of fire damage.

If you believe your fire damage claim was wrongfully undervalued or denied by your insurance company, please contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter online or by phone at (855) 880-4741 today for your complimentary claim evaluation. We welcome clients from the greater Orlando area, throughout Florida and nationwide.