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What You Need To Know

UPDATE: A $200 million settlement has been reached for victims of the fungal meningitis outbreak resulting from steroid solutions produced by New England Compounding Center.

  1. Anyone who has had a steroid injection in the spine or a joint for pain should see a doctor right away and be monitored for the fungal meningitis infection. (The list of clinics and hospitals that received the contaminated product is not necessarily complete and accurate, so better safe than sorry because fungal meningitis can even be fatal.)  You may be eligible to file a Product Liability Claim.
  2. Symptoms of meningitis include headache, fever, stiff neck, dizziness, confusion, and even strokes, as well as swelling, redness or discharge from the site of the injection. Get treatment right away for those symptoms.
  3. The source of these contaminated medications was a compounding company not subject to regulation by the FDA. So, there is little public safety oversight, unlike a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  4. If you received or suspect you may have received a contaminated injection and get tested, you will probably have a legal claim against NECC and perhaps others. Your legal rights need to be protected not by a race to the courthouse but an all encompassing and careful strategy that addresses all potential legal recourse against not only NECC, but also against any related companies or distributors of any components or materials used by NECC in Massachusetts.


  • Patients with questions should call their physician. They may also call the FDA’s Division of Drug Information at 855-543-DRUG (3784) and press * to get the most recent information regarding the meningitis outbreak, report an adverse event, or talk to a pharmacist.
  • Additional information is available at the Center for Disease Control website and the Food & Drug Administration website.
  • For a free consultation with a product liability attorney, contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter by calling (407) 712-7300 or completing our online form.