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Invokana Lawsuits

Invokana Lawsuits | Dangerous Drugs | Orlando, Florida LawyerMillions of Americans rely on medications for diabetes, but one of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs used to treat Type 2 diabetes could actually put you in more danger. Invokana (the brand name of Canagliflozin) has come under fire lately as dangerous drug lawsuits allege the anti-diabetic drug has been linked to kidney injury, heart attack and stroke among other serious side effects.

The FDA approved Invokana, which is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical (owned by Johnson & Johnson) in 2009, but issued a warning that this type of drug (an SGLT2 inhibitor) could increase the risk of kidney damage, Diabetic Ketoacidosis and amputation of the toes, foot or leg.

If you or a loved one has suffered a cardiovascular injury, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, kidney injury or lost a limb after using Invokana, please contact our personal injury lawyers in Orlando today at (407) 712-7300 to schedule a FREE consultation. Colling Gilbert Wright serve clients in Orlando, Florida and nationwide.

How Does Invokana Treat Type 2 Diabetes?

Insulin is an essential chemical in the body that helps convert sugar (glucose) into energy by moving it from the blood into your cells. Men and women with Type 2 diabetes are insulin resistant which prevents the sugar-to-energy conversion, causing blood glucose levels to stay elevated. When this occurs, tissues in the body are damaged such as the kidneys and vascular system. What’s more, when the body isn’t able to create energy, it uses fat instead, which in turn leads to the buildup of an acidic substance known as Ketones, ultimately leading to a severe complication called Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Invokana is an SGLT2 inhibitor, which stands for Sodium-Glucose-Co-Transporter 2, and this form of medication works to release more sugar through the blood and into the urine to lower blood glucose levels. Invokana and other SGLT2 inhibitors have helped numerous diabetic patients, but many patients have also suffered adverse effects from this defective product that are often irreversible.

Some severe side effects that have been linked to Invokana and other SGLT2 inhibitors include an increased risk of:

  • Chronic renal disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Severe urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Ketoacidosis
  • Acute kidney damage
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Leg/foot/toe amputation

Invokana Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

Dangerous drug claims have been filed against Janssen and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, due to the severe complications we discussed above. The lawsuits allege that the makers knew of the potential side effects and still continued to market the medication while also failing to adequately warn patients and medical professionals of the increased risks. Had patients known of the pharmaceutical’s faults, they could have discontinued taking the medication or sought medical attention sooner to avoid injury. 

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Patients and the loved ones of patients who suffered the fatal effects of an SGLT2 inhibitor could be eligible to recover damages for any injuries or wrongful death that occurred after taking Invokana.

If you or a family member has taken Invokana or its generic form, Canagliflozin, and suffered any of the injuries listed above, call our lawyers in Orlando immediately at (407) 712-7300 to schedule your FREE consultation. Colling Gilbert Wright serve clients throughout Florida and across America. 

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