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Orlando lemon law attorney points out a car that is a lemonBuying a new car is typically an exciting time. You probably searched for weeks or months to identify the right vehicle to suit your needs and aesthetic tastes, but your new-car joy is short-lived when you find yourself taking your vehicle in for repair several times for the same issue. Your new car or truck might be a lemon and may make you more likely to be in an auto accident

If you think you’ve bought a lemon and have tried to have the same issue repaired several times, please contact our Lemon Law attorneys in Orlando today at (855) 880-4741 for a FREE case evaluation. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have experience in lemon law cases and serve clients in Orlando and nationwide.

What is Lemon Law in Florida?

Lemon law varies by state. The State of Florida only recognizes lemon law for new cars or cars with a long-term lease. Used cars, even certified pre-owned motor vehicles, don’t qualify. Florida Law allows vehicle owners to seek a full refund or vehicle replacement from the manufacturer or dealership if specific repair criteria have been met, including:

  • The issue developed within 24 months of owning or leasing the vehicle.
  • The defect or condition of the car prevents using the vehicle, reduces value, or impairs safety.
  • The same problem has caused the car to undergo at least three repair attempts, none of which resolved the issue.
  • The vehicle has been out of service due to the defect for at least 15 days.

You must give the manufacturer or dealership the opportunity to correct the problem. They can’t fix a defect they’re not aware is an issue. Generally, they will offer a refund or replacement vehicle, but it’s essential to contact a lemon law attorney to make sure you’re getting full compensation for the costs of your defective vehicle. That can include the registration fees, loan payments, and all repair costs. Remember to look over all repair orders to make sure the defect is noted and keep your receipts.

How to File a Lemon Law Claim in Florida

Car difficulties from a lemon typically begin within one to two months of buying the vehicle. On top of meeting the required number of repair attempts and days out of commission listed above, Florida Lemon Law says you need to fill out and mail the Motor Vehicle Defect Notification to the manufacturer of the vehicle. You’ll need to send it certified mail, so you have proof they received the form. That’s the manufacturer’s (not the dealer) last opportunity to inspect and repair your car. If ten days have passed and the manufacturer has not attempted to rectify the situation, you can file a lemon law claim for arbitration.

Finding out you bought a lemon is frustrating, and the lemon law claim process can be lengthy and complicated. Make sure you keep records of when the defect surfaced, every repair attempt, and receipts for all associated costs.

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If you think your car is a lemon, please contact our attorneys in Orlando today at (855) 880-4741 for a FREE case evaluation. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have experience in Florida Lemon Law and serve clients in surrounding areas of Orlando, Florida and nationwide.