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Robocall graphic illustrates how unsolicited phone calls and texts are sent. As a consumer, you have rights that protect you from unsolicited phone calls and text messages. These robocalls are more than obnoxious—they border on harassment in some cases, particularly when you’ve already requested the company stop contacting you. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 made it unlawful for companies to make these unwanted calls, and if this federal law has been violated, you could be entitled to $500 or $1,500 for each robocall.

Our Orlando attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter handle these consumer rights cases and can help determine how the company acquired your information. If you’re frustrated with repeated, unsolicited phone calls or texts from a company to whom you never gave expressed written consent, please contact us today at (407) 712-7300 for a FREE consultation.

What are Robocalls?

A robocall is a call that originated using an autodialer, which is a type of equipment that has company software giving it the ability to automatically dial a phone number without the help of human hands. Auto-dialed phone calls don’t always involve a pre-recorded message. If you pick up the phone and hear a small click, it’s likely that the unsolicited call started with an auto dialer and then switched over to an actual human when you answered.

Text messages from auto dialers are equally frustrating as many people view it’s a violation of privacy when they’re sent a text from a telemarketer or debt collector.

Examples of Unsolicited Calls that Violate TCPA

The TCPA entitles you to compensation for these intentional calls or texts that violate the federal law. This act protects you from harassment from companies who use your information (which may be acquired unlawfully) to contact you without having your written consent to do so. You also have the right to stop these companies from continuing to call or text you.

Some examples of this unsolicited contact include:

  • Text messages from a business you never gave expressed written consent to contact you.
  • Automated phone calls that are attempting to reach someone other than yourself.
  • Robocalls and text messages sent to sell you something.
  • You’ve asked the company to stop contacting you, but they continue to call or text.

What Type of Company can be Held Accountable for Robocalls?

The companies who utilize unsolicited text message or phone calls are often telemarketers, but these “spam” calls can also come from:

  • Smartphone App Companies
  • Timeshare Agents
  • Auto dealers
  • Banks
  • Mortgage companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Check-cashing businesses
  • Student loan processing centers
  • Online sales and retail sellers
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Sweepstakes offer for a free trip or prize

The TCPA act applies to any company that uses your phone number to make unlawful robocalls with pre-recorded messages or unauthorized texts. This also includes businesses that sell your information to robocall companies and spam marketers.

Contact Our Orlando Attorneys About Your Rights Against Unsolicited Calls 

If you’ve asked a company to stop calling or texting you and they continue to contact you using automated phone calls, please contact our attorneys in Orlando today at (407) 712-7300 for a free consultation. Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter provides legal services for consumer rights and personal injury claims in Orlando, Florida and nationwide.

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