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Sinkholes can devastate homes and leave property owners facing overwhelming expenses and at the mercy of their insurance companies. The Orlando insurance claims lawyers at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have an extensive record of success helping policyholders seek the compensation to which they're entitled when insurance providers wrongfully undervalue or deny valid claims.

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Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Early signs of sinkhole activity include cracks in the foundation, floors, walls or stairways. When a sinkhole is present, time of is of the essence to prevent further structural damage.

Sinkhole damage claims can be confusing for policyholders, because there are different types of sinkholes and sinkhole insurance varies widely. In Florida, insurers must include coverage for sinkholes categorized as catastrophic ground collapse—which results in damage so severe that a home is uninhabitable—as part of standard homeowners’ insurance.

Policyholders may purchase additional sinkhole coverage, but not all insurance providers offer extended coverage for sinkhole damage. When it comes to assessing and paying sinkhole damage insurance claims, some insurance companies try to devalue the damage or deny claims based on the categorization of the sinkhole or other factors.

How an Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help

Insurance companies often work with the same geologists and engineers to evaluate sinkhole sites and property damage. These appraisals may unfairly favor the insurers; in some circumstances, insurance providers may resort to acting in bad faith in an effort to get out of paying costly damage claims.

Our lawyers work with experienced, independent geologists, engineers and contractors to thoroughly investigate your claim and appraise the damage. We understand the anxiety homeowners feel when confronted with a sinkhole, and our attorneys have decades of experience helping policyholders fairly resolve their insurance claims disputes.

If you believe your insurance provider has wrongfully devalued or denied your sinkhole damage claim, please contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter through the form on this page or by calling (855) 880-4741 today for your free consultation. Our lawyers welcome clients from Orlando area, throughout Florida and nationwide.