Personal Injury Lawsuits

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida


Nursing Home Abuse : victim who died from malnutrition and a severe bedsore on his tailbone.


Nursing Home Abuse : causing bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition and death.


Motorcycle Accident: policy limits for the parents of an adult motorcyclist killed by a distracted automobile driver


Nursing Home Claim :  nursing home in bankruptcy for the family of a resident who choked to death when left unsupervised at mealtime.


Nursing Home Abuse : for the family of a nursing home abusee who wandered away from the facility and ultimately died from exposure to the sun and elements.


Automobile Accident : for the parents of an adult child killed in automobile accident.


Workers Compensation : low back injury, psychiatric injury.


Vehicle Accident-where a 11 year old boy who suffered a head injury after being ejected from a vehicle while not wearing his seatbelt.


Medical Malpractice : Improperly performed pericardiocentesis causing perforation of heart resulting in wrongful death.


Insurance Liability : which included all of the available liability insurance coverage for the parents of a 15 year old pedestrian killed by a commercial van.