Personal Injury Lawsuits

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida


Tractor-trailer Accident : plaintiff required carpal tunnel and shoulder surgery.


Nursing Home Neglect : for the nephews and nieces of a nursing home resident who caught himself on fire when smoking in his room in violation of the nursing home’s policies.


Nursing Home Neglect : for the family of a nursing home resident strangled to death by her bedrail after accidentally sliding off the mattress of her bed in the nursing home.


Premises Liability : for a construction worker who suffered severe back injuries from falling debris at a commercial construction accident site.


Tractor Trailer Accident : causing broken arm and head injury.


 for the widow and child of a motorcyclist who died in a collision with a deputy sheriff’s squad car during an attempted traffic stop of the biker for speeding.


Nursing Home Neglect – bedsores.


Nursing Home Abuse – failure to supervise resident – resident on resident attack resulting in head injury and death.


Wrongful Death : For the family of an inmate who asphyxiated and died in a jail “restraint chair”.


Sexual Assault : molestation of minor by Church employee.