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Keeping Teens Safe On Prom Night

Keeping Teens Safe On Prom Night

It’s the exciting time of year when juniors and seniors are celebrating the conclusion of their high school years on prom nights. Too often, teens are distracted, or worse, drinking alcohol, and get hurt in car accidents or other incidents.

Here are five ways to keep your teens safe on prom night:

  1. Stay Involved. Know who your teen will be with. Meet the other kids your son or daughter will be with. Know what prom related activities your teen will be enjoying. Talk about safety issues, like arranging safe transportation.
  2. Set Rules And Stick To Them. It’s fine to extend curfew for prom night or allow some liberties you don’t usually permit. But set the rules in advance, like when your teen is expected home, that they should call you if they will be late, no questions asked, etc. Whatever your rules, make sure you teen is reminded of them. Make sure your teen knows that the prom is no “hall pass” to break the rules.
  3. Talk about drugs and alcohol and the dangers of mixing drugs, alcohol, driving, etc. Make sure your teen knows that the prom is no “hall pass” to break the rules.
  4. Talk About Sex. Some may consider prom night an opportunity to have sex. Others may feel as if they are under pressure to have sex on prom night. Know where your teen is on this spectrum and discuss it. Make sure they are aware of the risks of having sex, at any age, that they have the right to say no to sex, and that force or violence is never acceptable.
  5. Keep in Touch. Know your teen’s itinerary and make sure they have their cell phone and stay in touch. Set some “check-in” times for your son or daughter to call and let you know how it’s going. Check with the school and other parents and coordinate to keep in touch during the evening to keep kids safe.
In short, prom night is important to teens and they want to have a good time. That’s fine. But your obligation as a parent is to set the parameters and provide the reminders that keep them safe.
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