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Attorney Referrals

Refer a Case to Our Firm!

Colling Gilbert Wright welcomes referrals from attorneys & law firms throughout Florida and the United States.

Our attorneys are honored to collaborate with other lawyers and firms to help clients pursue the compensation they deserve. The vast majority of our cases come from attorney referrals. We have established relationships with referring attorneys throughout Florida and the United States. We value these relationships and the trust that so many referring attorneys place in our firm.

At Colling Gilbert Wright, our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to their clients and are committed to going beyond simply “doing the right thing.” Instead, we strive to do the exceptional thing.

Yes, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. But more importantly, we have brought justice and light to countless clients who’ve been lost in the dark following terrible losses.

Acting in all instances with compassion and integrity, we’ve become one of the most distinguished and respected personal injury and wrongful death law firms in Florida and the nation. However, our commitment remains to our clients, walking by their side every step of the way and advocating for their needs and goals.

We are proud to handle referrals involving—

Your case is in good hands. At Colling Gilbert Wright, Florida’s trusted personal injury law firm, we make every single case and client our priority. With more than 30 years of experience, we have found endless inspiration in the clients we’ve represented. We will do the right thing, and we will do everything we can to support our clients and secure justice for them and their families.

When You Put Your Trust in Colling Gilbert Wright, You Can Expect:

Full Transparency

Our commitment to transparency with you and your client ensures that everyone is fully apprised of the referral relationship and informed at every stage.


When you refer a case to Colling Gilbert Wright, you can trust that we will uphold the honor and respect you’ve earned in the legal community, representing each case with the professionalism and integrity it deserves.

Steadfast Client Rapport

We treat your clients the way you would want them to be treated. By being honest, persistent, and responsive, we ensure that your clients receive personal attention, fostering a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Local Ties

Our firm’s esteemed reputation, built over years of dedicated service, resonates throughout Florida’s legal community. We have consistently formed strong relationships cultivated through professional courtesy and mutual respect.

A Record of Distinction

Colling Gilbert Wright has consistently done the right thing for the right reasons—and we’ve done it exceptionally well. Our history is marked by noteworthy successes, be it in hard-fought pretrial settlements or in achieving substantial verdicts for catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

Prompt Remuneration

We value the trust and effort you invest in us. As such, the moment a case reaches its resolution, we ensure that referral fees are dispatched swiftly, honoring our commitment to you.

If you’re not licensed in Florida or if personal injury, workers’ compensation, or medical malpractice isn’t your specialty, our distinguished team of lawyers can prepare a strong case on your client’s behalf and seek maximum compensation for their injuries and damages. All the while, we’ll remain attentive, communicative, and respectful in all actions we take on their behalf.

The Attorneys We’ve Worked With Are Talking…and It’s All Good!

Our Process

When you contact Colling Gilbert Wright, you can expect a timely response. After receiving your referral, we will quickly begin our process for establishing a co-counsel relationship.

  1. We’ll discuss the terms of our co-counsel relationship up front.
  2. Together, we’ll communicate the details of our relationship to the client so they are fully informed and comfortable.
  3. We will establish a fee agreement and our respective responsibilities to put all parties on the same page.
  4. At the resolution of the case, we will note the nature of our relationship in the settlement statement.

If your client needs supportive personal injury representation in Florida, we’d be honored to help. Contact the personal injury attorneys of Colling Gilbert Wright at (800) 766-1000 today or fill out the Refer Your Case form on this page. Let’s discuss the co-counsel opportunities for working with our firm!

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