Federal Tort Claims Lawyers

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If you suffer a serious personal injury caused by the the government of United States or any of its agencies or employees, special federal laws apply to determine your legal rights. Those rights are generally governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

By way of this comprehensive legislation, the United States has waived its sovereign immunity from lawsuits to allow civil suits for actions arising out of negligent acts of agents or employees of the federal government. The United States cannot be sued in a tort action unless it is clear that Congress has waived the government’s sovereign immunity and authorized suit under the FTCA.

Building a Federal Tort Claim

Before a lawsuit can be filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act, a written administrative claim must be presented in a special form and manner to the federal agency employing the person who caused the injury. The agency then has six months to either admit or deny the claim. A lawsuit cannot be filed until the administrative claim has been denied or until six months has passed without the agency acting on the administrative claim.

In such cases, a federal judge, not a jury, decides your case. In other words, a federal court judge is your juror.

For all of these reasons, if you or a family member is injured by an employee of the federal government, you need a competent federal tort lawyer who is experienced in litigation of FTCA claims in federal court.

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