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Working for an unscrupulous employer or uncovering evidence of fraud against the government can be extremely uncomfortable position. If you have become aware of any type of fraud or false claim for government payment, you may be worried about exposing the scheme for fear of losing your job or suffering another form of retaliation.

However, if you are aware of fraud against the government, you not only have a moral duty to report it, but there are also significant incentives and protections for whistleblowers under the False Claims Act. The Qui Tam claims attorneys of Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter can help you file a qui tam claim, ensuring you receive the full protection of the law and maximizing your potential whistleblower reward. To discuss your case for free, please call (855) 880-4741 today.

Definition of Fraud for Whistleblower Cases

Qui tam claims, or whistleblower lawsuits, are covered under a Civil War-era law called the False Claims Act, which has been updated in recent decades to increase the financial rewards for reporting fraud. To begin a whistleblower claim, you must have knowledge of conduct that:

  • Involves knowingly submitting a false claim for payment from the government,
  • Involves altered or falsified statements or records used to claim or receive government payment,
  • Involves a conspiracy to get a false claim paid by the government, OR
  • Involves altered or falsified statements or records to avoid, conceal, or diminish an obligation to pay money to the government.

If you are unsure whether the conduct or practices you’ve seen constitute fraud or false claims, schedule a confidential consultation with the Orlando qui tam attorneys of Colling, Gilbert, Wright & Carter today. All communication with our whistleblower attorneys will be protected by attorney-client privilege and will not be divulged to anyone.

Becoming a Whistleblower in a Qui Tam Claim – Rewards and Protections

A qui tam claim is essentially a lawsuit that a whistleblower files on behalf of the government to recover taxpayer funds stolen through fraud and false claims. Under the False Claims Act, any person or entity that submits false claims for payment from the government is liable for damages amounting to triple the amount of the fraud, plus a sizeable monetary penalty for each false claim.

When you become a whistleblower in a qui tam case, you can receive 15-30% of the amount the government collects through any settlement or court judgment as a whistleblower reward. While there is no upper limit to the amount a whistleblower can collect, your percentage of the damages may be reduced if the government declines to participate in your qui tam claim or if you are found to be party to the fraud in question.

Qui tam whistleblowers are also entitled to certain legal protections. When you file a qui tam claim, your identity and the nature of the claim are kept under seal for a minimum of 60 days. This conditional anonymity may or may not be extended, but even if your identity is revealed, you are protected from certain forms of retaliation by subsection (h) of the False Claims Act.

The qui tam claims process is quite complex, and very difficult to navigate successfully without the help of a whistleblower attorney. At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, our qui tam lawyers will help you file all paperwork, documentation, and evidence correctly to ensure the greatest likelihood of a successful claim and a significant whistleblower reward.

If you have knowledge of any type of fraud or false claims against the government, please contact the qui tam whistleblower attorneys of Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter in Orlando, Florida to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation protected by attorney-client privilege. Call (855) 880-4741 or fill out the form on this page.