Assisted Living Facilities Under Grand Jury Probe

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According to an article in the Miami Herald, assisted living facilities in Florida with a record of neglect of their elderly residents are under a grand jury probe. The investigation by the grand jury is intended to get to the bottom of reports of abuse, neglect, and the breakdown of state oversight of the facilities. Bentley Lipscomb, former secretary of the Florida State Department of Elder Affairs, says that the grand jury should investigate more than just the dangerous conditions in the assisted living facilities.  He says the investigation should include the roles of lawmakers who began stripping away crucial regulatory protections and failed to intercede when regulators began cutting back on inspections.

There are almost 3,000 assisted living facilities in Florida, and at CGWC we have seen neglect and abuse is widespread. We also agree that there is woefully little oversight and supervision by the state licensing authorities.  What’s more, it is getting worse, not better. The best protection against abuse and neglect is accountability in civil court for the harm caused to residents. This is done by experienced nursing home and assisted living facility lawyers like the trial attorneys at CGWC.

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