Beware of Motorcycle Accidents for Daytona Beach Bike Week

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Ten days of two-wheeled activity begin in Daytona Beach today. Billed the “World’s Largest Motorcycle Event,” the 74th annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach is a holiday for riders of all kinds, but it’s also a reminder of the caution necessary to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Riding responsibly is vitally important to your safety and the safety of other people on the road. Whether you’re in Daytona for the next week and a half or taking a ride elsewhere, here are 10 tips for avoiding motorcycle accident injuries:

  • Wear a helmet, jacket, gloves, and other durable safety gear
  • Don’t drink and ride
  • Keep your bike maintained
  • Stay alert for potential hazards
  • Observe the speed limit, taking extra care to ease up on the throttle on curves
  • Signal when making turns
  • Don’t follow too closely
  • Stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots
  • Be aware of possible weather changes and prepare accordingly
  • Ride defensively – don’t ride on the shoulder or veer between lanes

Florida law prohibits motorcyclists from lane splitting, or attempting to pass a vehicle within the same lane. Though two riders are allowed to share a lane at the same time, it’s important to maintain a safe distance between your bike and other vehicles, and make sure drivers of passenger vehicles can see you.

Riders who carry $10,000 or more in medical insurance are legally allowed to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. However, it goes without saying that your risk for brain injury and other severe trauma is much higher by not wearing a helmet and other protective clothing.

We wish all of the riders visiting Daytona Beach a fun and safe Bike Week. If you or someone you care about is hurt in a motorcycle accident, please call Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter today at (407) 712-7300 to arrange a free consultation with one of our Orlando lawyers.