Criminal Probe Opened On Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

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The Governor of Massachusetts has announced that federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation of the practices at New England Compounding Center, the company linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak that has resulted in 23 deaths and many infected patients who received contaminated steroid injections. All of this was announced after the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Food & Drug Administration identified serious deficiencies and significant violations of pharmacy laws and regulations that put the public safety and health at risk. Preliminary finding of the investigators included the following:

  • NECC distributed large quantities of its product for general use without requiring a prescription for an individual patient as required by state law;
  • NECC distributed two lots of its product before receiving results of sterility tests;
  • NECC did not follow proper sterilization standards;
  • NECC produced methylprednisolone that contained visible black particulate matter;
  • NECC failed to clean powder hoods intended to protect pharmacists from inhaling substances during preparation which might subsequently lead to contamination of compounding medications.

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