Cure For Medical Malpractice?

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Every legislative session in Florida and nationwide, the health care and insurance industries descend upon legislators with money and influence in a fever pitch to cure their perceived medical malpractice insurance rates. Their idea of a cure is to eliminate the rights of real victims of medical mistakes. Not just victims of simple mistakes that cause a little inconvenience while at the hospital or a few more hours of medication or therapy, but people with real, serious, life altering injuries — like paralysis, amputation, and even death.

Well, the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget 2009-2010 has a different idea for a cure and wrote about it in an article. He says that the real cure to any perceived medical malpractice crisis is to eliminate malpractice. How? He suggests immunizing doctors from liability when they meet recognized standards of care established by evidence based guidelines from proven medical organizations.  Do no harm, follow the recognized standards, and there is no liability. Imagine that as a cure for medical malpractice, rather than limiting the rights of real victims.