Dangerous Assisted Living Facilities Do Not Deserve State Funds

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Instead of yanking funding from an assisted living facility after an elderly resident died from burns after being left in scalding tub water, the State of Florida imposed a relatively small fine. Later, when it was learned that a caregiver punched a mentally ill resident, at an ALF the State of Florida issued a warning, instead of stopping funding. Similar tales occur commonly in the assisted living facility and nursing home communities in Florida, and things seem to get worse every year.    If a loved one is a victim of neglect, negligence, or abuse in a nursing home, call the experienced nursing home negligence and abuse lawyers at CGWC. Our team of nursing home lawyers are skilled and exquisitely experienced at suing nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Unlike many law firms, we have chosen to continue representing residents even when nursing homes and assisted living facilities are commonly operating uninsured. Call for a free consultation.