Flagler County Woman Mauled by Five Pit Bulls

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A Flagler County woman was airlifted to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach after being mauled by five pit bulls last night. The 27 year old woman was walking with her 6 year old daughter when the five pit bulls attacked, and she yelled to her daughter to run home as fast as she could. Luckily, the girl made it home safely.

Reports indicate that the woman’s injuries are very serious, but not life-threatening. We hope she makes a quick recovery. All five of the offending animals were captured by Animal Control officers. In Florida, we have laws designed to help provide compensation for individuals who are injured by dog bites. Dog bite claims can be complicated, scars can be permanent, and medical bills and lost wages can quickly become a huge headache. Call an experienced personal injury attorney to help make sure your dog bite claim is handled correctly. The attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have decades of experience handling dog bites, car accidents, and personal injury claims of all kinds in the Central Florida area. Any time you are injured, or just have questions about a potential claim, call our office or visit us online for a free consultation.