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Florida Spring Break Safety Guide

Florida Spring Break Safety Guide

Miami, Key West, Daytona Beach, and Panama City are just a few of the favorite Florida vacation spots beloved by visitors in search of sun, sand, and surf. With scenic locales like these, it’s no wonder people envy our ability to enjoy the beach year-round. Unfortunately, safety is an ongoing concern each year for spring break.

From families to college students, staying safe is an integral part of any vacation. Here’s a look at common dangers faced by spring breakers, and how to avoid them.

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Car Accidents

The number of tourists visiting Florida has increased nearly 40% in the last 15 years. The annual influx of visitors is no doubt good for local businesses, but the impact on road congestion is another matter.

If traffic seems to be getting heavier, exercise caution: more cars on the road means an increased risk of a crash. This is especially true if a substantial number of the drivers are out-of-towners who are unfamiliar with the roads they’re traveling.


Drunk driving is an inherently dangerous, irresponsible activity. But alcohol isn’t only a danger behind the wheel. Many of the young people who visit our popular resort areas are looking to release stress from the school year, and they unfortunately gravitate toward drinking and other drugs.

Inexperienced drinkers tend to be the most prone to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol also compromises judgment, which could lead vacationers to engage in dangerous or even criminal activity.

Dangerous Premises

Florida is home to a number of premier hotels, theme parks, and other attractions. Many of these locations are well-maintained, but a slick spot on the floor or a loose handrail can lead to injuries that can limit the fun you’ll be able to have on your vacation.

Whenever you’re in an unfamiliar location, be aware of your surroundings to avoid a nasty fall or other injury. Pay special attention to posted signs pointing out hazards – consider it part of your sightseeing tour.


Many people come to Florida specifically to soak up the sunshine and return home with an eye-catching tan. Unfortunately, overindulgence in the sunshine is not only painful but it could be bad for your health.

First-degree sunburns are red and uncomfortable, but severe sunburns can limit your mobility, scar your skin, and lead to extreme pain. Your risk of skin cancer also increases substantially with repeated instances of severe sunburn.

The team at Colling Gilbert Wright wishes Florida residents and out-of-town visitors a safe and fun spring break. Please travel responsibly while enjoying everything your destination has to offer.

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