Good Samaritan Killed In Pedestrian Accident

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Yesterday there was the very sad news that a Good Samaritan who stopped to assist another driver who had been involved in an accident was one of two killed when a passing motorist veered into th emergency lane and crashed into them.  The accident happened on I-4 near the State Road 434 exit.  The Good Samaritan drove cabs for Mears Transportation who praised him as a good man who died trying to help others.

This is yet another lesson how important it is to pay attention at all times, especially on interstate highways at higher rates of speed.  You just never know when you are going to come upon and accident, debris in the road, or who knows what.  When it happens, you have seconds to react.  The lower your speed, the better you can react.  Too many people speed on interstates or don’t start slowing down when they first notice a potential hazard ahead.  Pay attention.  You may save a life.  It might even be your own.