Hospitals Understaffed

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Like nursing homes, hospitals are often understaffed with nurses and aides. Fearing retaliation, many times nurses do not complain, even when they are concerned that the understaffing might be affecting patient safety. Let’s face it, the fewer nurses to provide care, the more hospitals have to cut corners, increasing the danger of medical errors. Sometimes, nurses can remain quiet no longer. This week nurses banded together to protest understaffing at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida. Some nurses even complained they were being assigned to units they weren’t trained for, such as the cardiology unit. The nurses also complained that delays in addressing staffing puts patients in jeopardy. Of course, it goes without saying that understaffing in nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices leads to medical errors and patient injuries and deaths. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of medical mistake or error, call CGWC for a free consultation.