How to Practice Firework Safety on the Fourth of July

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How to Practice Firework Safety on the Fourth of July | FloridaFourth of July is upon us, and hundreds of firework displays will soon be lighting up the Florida sky over the long weekend and U.S. holiday. Our lawyers in Orlando hope you have a wonderful celebration, but want to remind you of the dangers associated with fireworks and the liability that comes with these types of personal injuries.

Before you hand out those sparklers and set up your lawn chairs, remember these safety tips:

  1. Alcohol and fireworks are a dangerous combination—Make sure a sober adult is responsible for your fireworks display.
  2. One firework at a time—Some sanctioned firework displays may be able to set several fireworks off at once, but your home show should involve one at a time.
  3. Be careful with “dud” fireworks—A firework might not be a dud if it doesn’t go off right away. Experts advise you wait at least 20 minutes and then soak the firework in a water bucket.
  4. Have a bucket of water and/or water hose readily accessible to put out any potential fires.
  5. Supervise children at all times—Your kids can probably handle snapping firework products, but even sparklers pose a danger to your children.
  6. Keep your pets away—Whether you’re at home or a firework show, animals don’t like sudden, loud noises. They will be afraid and could run away.
  7. Dispose of or store unused fireworks safely—Unused fireworks should be doused with water and placed in a metal trashcan.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Thousands of burn injuries from fireworks are treated each year around the Fourth of July.

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