New Florida Law Changes the Rules for Medical Malpractice

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A new law in Florida (SB 1792) will make it more difficult for Florida citizens to pursue medical malpractice cases. The law changes the qualifications for expert witnesses who can testify against a doctor. Before the new law went into effect, the requirements for expert witnesses stipulated that the witness was a healthcare provider who practiced in the “same or similar” specialty. Now, SB 1792 requires that the expert witness must be a specialist in the exact same field as the doctor on trial.

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This new law will make medical malpractice much harder to fight. Finding a physician who is qualified to testify will be much more difficult, and those who do fit the requirement may be very reluctant to testify against their colleagues.

Another significant change instituted by SB 1792 is that it now allows the defending doctor or hospital to request a meeting with the plaintiff’s treating physician without the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s lawyer even being present. This provision severely undermines the confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship and makes sweeping changes to your rights under medical malpractice law.

An aggressive medical malpractice attorney is needed now more than ever when you have a claim. Without an experienced Florida lawyer, your chances for success in a medical malpractice case are further limited.

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