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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re ever injured in an accident and start looking for the right attorney, you’ll quickly learn that there is no shortage of choices and that choosing the right lawyer can be confusing.The confusion is intensified by empty promises and misleading statements that some attorneys make in print advertisements, television advertisements, websites, and direct mailings to prospective clients.

Some of these empty promises include statements like:
“You may be entitled to a minimum of $(insert amount).”
“Our law firm has (insert number) combined years of legal experience.”
“We represent you for free!”
“I have represented thousands of satisfied clients.”

And any number of other similar false or misleading statements hawking their legal services. There are even many lawyers whose advertisements in print and electronic media give the impression they are an independent law firm when, in fact, they are associates, employees, or subsidiaries of other law firms. Some lawyers also advertise, heavily, for cases they don’t even handle. Instead, they refer the cases to other law firms who are not even mentioned in the advertisements.

If you’re injured in an accident or by the negligence of another person, don’t sell yourself short.Demand straight talk from your personal injury attorney.The fact is that no trial attorney can promise you a minimum amount of money or a specific result.In fact, it’s unethical under the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar to make such promises.(Rule 4-7.2, Rules of Professional Conduct).And trial lawyers don’t work for free when they work on contingency fee arrangements; they get paid a portion of your money at the end of the case and in exchange, they finance the litigation for you with their own money.Every law firm has both satisfied and unsatisfied clients.It’s the nature of the beast that some clients can never be satisfied and some cases can never be “won” for them.And just because a law firm has 100 lawyers, each of whom has 5 years of experience, doesn’t mean anyone has 500 years of experience handling personal injury cases.That’s not straight talk.That’s salesmanship.

At The Florida Firm, we promise to give you straight talk about your case, not empty promises.Don’t sell yourself short when you choose an attorney for your personal injury case.Demand straight talk, and choose a law firm that will shoot you straight.
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