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Uber Safety Concerns

Uber Rideshare Auto Accidents | Orlando Attorneys

Uber is transforming the way we view rideshare transportation, and with that comes safety and legal implications. The ability to pick up your phone and order an Uber via their app is enticing, but, in the event of an accident, you might end up paying more than you think. Rideshare companies like Uber operate differently than taxi cabs and limousine drivers. Their drivers use personal vehicles, separate insurance, and are not subjected to mandatory background checks. There are several important steps to take after a car accident, and they become ever more vital after a rideshare accident.

When an Uber auto accident inevitably happens, there is a lot of gray water to wade through. The rideshare car accident attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright can give you guidance, and help you navigate through this confusing process. Our experienced attorneys can get you the settlement you deserve.

Uber Rideshare & Safety Information

  • Uber associates do not guarantee safety unless you opt for an “UberX” vehicle and pay a safety fee. This fee varies city to city from $1-$2.50 per ride, and only applies to UberX. UberX drivers have background checks and are supplied with a car, this in turn increases the cost.
  • Background checks and drug tests are not mandatory for Uber drivers. While some drivers might be screened initially, many are not due to the high cost to do so.
  • Auto insurance operates differently with Uber. If you were involved in an Uber accident, you will probably have trouble getting your claim approved. Drivers are required to have their own insurance, and Uber has their own, which buffers the process a little. The when, where, and how of the accident matters immensely to the insurance company. The driver’s insurance will not cover an accident that is the result of a rideshare business transaction, but Uber insurance will not cover an accident that occurs without a passenger in the vehicle.

Uber is still a relatively new company and is going through constant changes. For now, Uber doesn’t identify itself as a rideshare program, but rather a facilitator app for rideshare customers.  To stay up to date with changing rideshare policies, contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident involving a rideshare vehicle, call our Orlando office at (407) 712-7300 today for your free consultation. The law offices of Colling Gilbert Wright serve clients throughout Florida, including Orlando, and nationwide. 

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