$200 Million Settlement Approved in Tainted Steroid Case

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After nearly three years of litigation in multiple courts, the hundreds of victims who contracted fungal meningitis due to contaminated steroid injections will finally have access to at least a portion of the damages to which they are entitled. A U.S. bankruptcy court judge in Massachusetts has given approval to a $200 million settlement in the bankruptcy proceedings initiated by New England Compounding Center (NECC) in the wake of mass lawsuits by victims and families of those injured and killed by tainted steroids produced and sold by the company.

$200 million settlement in Fungal Meningitis case affecting victims in Florida, elsewhere

At the conclusion of the hearing in which the $200 million settlement was approved, presiding judge Henry Boroff commended the professionals involved in the proceedings. Judge Boroff said that the conduct of the attorneys was “evidence of the professionalism of the bar in this district and in the affected districts.”

Melvin B. Wright, a partner at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, was highly involved in multiple aspects of this case. In addition to representing 50 clients in Florida who suffered harm after exposure to steroids produced by NECC, Mr. Wright was one of just eight attorneys in the nation to be part of the Official Creditors’ Committee that reviewed and approved the bankruptcy settlement, as well as co-chaired the Florida subcommittee of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee on litigation across the multiple districts involved in the case.

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