4th of July Firework Safety

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With 4th of July coming up in a few days, hospitals have an increase of patients coming in who have experienced an injury due to fireworks. According to Prevent Blindness America, hospitals see approximately 13,000 fireworks injury victims each year, with 40% of those being a mishap injuring a bystander.

People don’t realize just how dangerous fireworks can be. Your best option to reduce injury is to attend a public fireworks show that is put on by professionals, however, if you plan to set off fireworks yourself this year, the following tips can help keep you, your family, and friends safe this 4th:

  • Do not allow children to set off or play with fireworks
  • Follow all packaging instructions
  • Wear eye protection if you are the one igniting the fireworks
  • Only set off one at a time and never try to re-light or mess with fireworks that have not fully ignited
  • Keep water close by in case of emergency
  • Never point fireworks at other people, animals, structures, or anything flammable
  • After burning is complete, douse it with water before discarding of it in the trash

It’s important to always check and make sure whether or not the use of fireworks is legal in the county you reside in.

Enjoying fireworks can be an exciting event for the whole family as long as precautions are taken. Our Florida attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy 4th of July!