$ 7.5 Million Verdict For Our Client Today

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Congratulations to CGWC partner, Ron Gilbert, and his trial team on receiving a $ 7.5 million verdict for his client in Brevard County.  It was a medical malpractice case against a doctor arising from a failure to diagnose and treat a disorder of the heart’s electrical activity in a 13 year old girl.  Easily treatable with beta blocker medications or an implanted defribillator or cardioverter device, the condition was not at all terminal.  After going undiagnosed and untreated, however, for several months, the child collapsed and died suddenly of a fatal arrhythmia.  Lawyers for the doctor battled the case for years and delayed trial on numerous occasions, but justice delayed was not justice denied in this case.  Congratulations to our client and to Ron Gilbert and Jon Gilbert who tried the case with the help of their team of paralegals, nurse consultant and experts.

Getting justice has become increasingly difficult in medical malpractice cases over the last twenty years.  The insurance and health care industry pay lobbyists handsomely to enact favorable laws capping damages and limiting liability of health care professionals and hospitals every year.  They have also spent millions on public relations campaigns for decades casting malpractice victims and their attorneys as treasure seekers of the so-called great American lawsuit lottery.  We know better.  Thankfully, this jury knew better and delivered justice to a mother who needlessly lost her child to medical error and carelessness.