A Happier Holiday Season

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There is truly nothing better than the holiday season. But with so many parties, preparations and plans, it’s important to be smart and safe during this exciting time of year. Here are a few tips to help make your holidays extra happy and healthy:

Cater to the crowds. Malls, stores, restaurants and parking lots-all these places are packed during the holiday season. Take a few deep breaths, put on your happy face, and try to enjoy the seasonal hustle and bustle. When driving, be extra cautious of pedestrians, cars, reindeer, etc.

Test the light fantastic. Use only tree lights with a label showing that they have been safety tested by a third party. Inspect lights for frayed wires and broken bulbs before stringing them up. Also keep lights on timers or unplug them manually before leaving the house.

Be cautious with kids. Often there are kids of all different ages visiting during the holidays, and your home may not be the safest spot for a toddler. Avoid any choking disasters by keeping small ornaments up and away from younger children, and brush up on proper firework safety, especially with kids around.

Plan for the parties. Remember common courtesies when attending a party. Drink in moderation (only you know what that is for you) and never on an empty stomach. Always designate a driver ahead of time. Be gracious to the host by offering to bring something or helping to clean up. You don’t have to be the “life” of the party-or the last one to leave.

Save some “me” time. You’ve seen the classic holiday scenario: It usually entails screaming kids and frustrated parents. Especially during the holidays, remember to put aside some “me” time. Give yourself a break and do something relaxing. Going a million miles a minute can be counter-productive.

The holidays can be stressful-but only if you allow them to be. Take the appropriate steps to make sure this season is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday!