Another Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Trans-Vaginal Mesh Litigation

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Last week a jury in New Jersey awarded a $3.35 million verdict to the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed for damages caused by Johnson and Johnson’s “Ethicon” trans-vaginal mesh product. Numerous manufacturers of trans-vaginal mesh are involved in litigation stemming from the horrendous complications caused by their products, as we have blogged about extensively in this space. This is the second multi-million dollar verdict for the plaintiff in a TVM lawsuit, and while it is encouraging, there is a long road ahead. Johnson & Johnson and the other manufacturers named in TVM lawsuits will almost certainly appeal these verdicts, to prolong the litigation and prolong the litigation and make the plaintiffs’ attorneys shoulder more expense as the cases move through the appeals process. These verdicts do not necessarily mean that all vaginal mesh claims are nearing settlement, but it is reassuring that juries are clearly seeing the harm caused by these products, and the life-changing complications that vaginal mesh products are causing for thousands of women across the country.

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